Prince Charles to continue as Trust Patron

We are very pleased to learn HRH Prince of Wales has renewed his patronage of our Trust for another three years.


Prince Charles developed a love for the sea when he served in the Royal Navy and has supported ocean programmes ever since. “I remember on various occasions watching a giant albatross glide effortlessly alongside our warship. I felt the same sense of awe that mariners have experienced down the ages and it is a sight I will never forget.”

Prince Charles expressed an interest in meeting real fishermen during his recent trips to New Zealand. We introduced him to some of NZ’s leading seabird champion fishers and he enjoyed talking to them learning about the methods they employ to reduce the risk to seabirds. “I felt heartened to learn that fishermen such as these were leading their communities and setting standards for others to follow. I believe that the individuals who are out on the water catching fish need to be at the heart of the movement. This is why I am proud to be the patron of the Southern Seabird Solutions Trust”.

Trust Convenor Janice Molloy says "We are very proud to have Prince Charles as our patron, it is encouraging to have this level of international support".