Net mitigation workshop

2013 Australasian Net Mitigation Workshop

Southern Seabird Solutions Trust held a two day workshop in October 2013 to brainstorm technical solutions to mitigate seabird capture in net fisheries.

"Having a wide range of skills (from vessel to lab) meant that we were able to discuss both ends of the spectrum and test ideas for all the things that matter: possible efficacy, cost, operational fit, safety, possible effect on catch, cost etc. This didn't mean we didn't conjure up some pretty "out there" concepts but these were whittled down in the prioritising process" Comment from FINZ weekly newsletter, 8/11/2013.

The workshop was attended by individuals from New Zealand and Australia with expertise in net fishing methods, net manufacture, and seabird behaviour. The workshop report is available for download and we will upload progress reports on each new mitigation tool and practice as they develop.

Thank you to our workshop sponsors

Relevant net mitigation information

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