Seabird Experience on the Interislander

Seabird Experience on the Interislander

Going on the Interislander? Check out our seabird panel on deck and make sure to pick up a seabird brochure. If you have kids, they can join the Pelorus Kids Club and will be given a great seabird activity magazine for the journey (as well as a bunch of other goodies).

Why Cook Strait?

Cook Strait is a hotspot for seabirds. Nearly three kilometres beneath the waves is one of the world's largest underwater canyon systems.

Each summer, cold, nutrient-rich waters are swept up the walls of the Cook Strait canyon. Such plumes, called upwellings, can sustain four times normal plant and animal plankton numbers, delivering a seasonal feast to creatures living in shallower, sunlit waters - and to those that soar above them. Seabirds ranging from the tiny storm petrel to majestic albatrosses feed in the rich Cook Strait waters. In fact 24 different types of seabirds, including albatrosses, petrels, shearwaters, penguins, prions, shags, terns, gannets, skua and gulls inhabit the Strait.

Southern Seabird Solutions worked with the Interislander team to develop on-board resources for journey goers. They include a discount voucher for Encounter Kaikoura. The project was sponsored by the Interislander, Sanford and Encounter Kaikoura.