International Mitigation Mentor Programme

International Mitigation Mentor Programme

Do you have a new idea on how to keep seabirds away from fishing vessels or from getting caught in fishing gear?

The International Mitigation Mentor programme (IMMP) provides advice to fishers and inventors who have ideas or prototype devices to reduce seabird catch.

The programme provides practical help to turn good ideas into workable methods. Support is available for the development, refining, testing and then promotion of new techniques to the fishing industry.

Read case studies about the Kellian line setter and the smart tuna hook. We also run workshops and other events to brainstorm mitigation ideas. See information about our 2013 Australasian Net Mitigation workshop.

Mitigation mentor

Barry Baker, an environmental consultant, is the programme's mitigation mentor. He has spent 12 years developing, testing and proving the effectiveness of bycatch mitigation measures. He is based in Tasmania.

Barry's role is to give feedback, advice and guidance to fishers and other inventors on the design, development and testing of an invention or new technology. He also offers advice on potential collaborators or funders.

Barry has spent 35 years studying seabirds and other vertebrates, and developed and implemented wildlife management plans to resolve wildlife/human interactions. These have included fisheries bycatch of non-target species, such as albatross, marine turtles, dugongs and seals.

Barry is also involved internationally with roles with the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP) and the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS or Bonn Convention).

Referral group

Through the mentoring programme, a referral group is available for help with the IMMP development process. The group brings a wide range of experience and expertise on topics such as fishing methods and practices, seabird behaviour, marine engineering, at-sea research, product development and fundraising, as well as ways to introduce new practices into fisheries.

Referral group members

Phil Ashworth - Amerro Engineering, Australia
John Cleal - Deepwater Group, New Zealand
Marco Favero - Chair, ACAP Advisory Committee; Head of Vertebrate Research
Group at the National University of Mar del Plata (Argentina)
Eric Gilman - fisheries research scientist, Hawaii Pacific University
Svein Lokkeborg - Institute of Marine Research, Norway
Ed Melvin- Washington Sea Grant, University of Washington, USA
Graham Robertson - Australian Antarctic Division, Australia
Barrie Rose - bycatch mitigation consultant, South Africa
Dave Kreutz - Oceanwatch, Australian
Dave Kellian - fisherman and inventor, New Zealand

Mitigation development pathway

Our Mitigation Development Pathway sets out the process to develop a new mitigation from concept to prototype to testing. Contact us for further information.