Recreational Fishing Programme

Recreational Fishing Programme

Seabirds can get caught on hooks, nets and other fishing gear. Whilst some seabirds are released safely, others are killed or end up with injuries that mean they cant breed or care for chicks. This is a real problem for seabirds that only have one chick a year and/or have low populations.

We believe recreational anglers are key to coming up with practical solutions to reduce harm to seabirds. Over the next 12 months we will be working with charter skippers and recreational angling clubs to come up with some best practice ideas for a full range of fishing activities. Get on board and tell us your ideas!

Information for anglers

Check out our recreational fishing and seabirds resources of the DVD clips Gone Fishin' with seabirds - tips for salt water anglers.

Find out a bit more about seabirds - they are not all the same and will feed in different places on different foods throughout the year - just like the fish we catch.

Presentation to fishing clubs

Cam Speedy from Southern Seabirds is available to come and speak to your club. Tony Fox president of the Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club say's "the feedback from the evening with Cam was fantastic". Contact us if your club would be interested in having Cam come to one of your meetings.

Tell us your ideas...

The risk of attracting and catching seabirds depends upon a number of factors including seasons, bird biology, sea conditions, type of fishing methods etc. There is no one mitigation method or technique that will work in all situations - so we are collecting ideas from as many anglers as possible on what works under what conditions. Fill out our contact form and tell us your ideas.