Seabird SMART Training Workshops

Our first Seabird Smart workshop in Auckland 2012. Image Grant Southam.

Seabird SMART training workshops

Southern Seabird Solutions holds Seabird SMART Workshops for New Zealand's inshore professional skippers, crew and land-based company staff. Each workshop is tailored to fit the local fishing fleet. So far we have had over 200 fishers from 127 vessels attend workshops.

We look at the fishing method, location and the likely seabird interactions each fleet will encounter and then work through mitigation ideas and options. In the past, workshops have been limited to commercial fishers, but we are now also offering workshops to professional charter skippers. 

Workshops help fishers to:

  • learn about the lives of seabirds around their vessels;
  • discuss best practice mitigation for their fishing method and vessel;
  • commit to using and improving mitigation during the full range of sea conditions they work in;
  • build New Zealand's reputation for seabird smart fishing.

Check out the workshop booklet for more information. Contact us to see when we are next in your port.

Ongoing liason with skippers

We keep in touch with skippers to find out how valuable the workshops have been in motivating them, and in supporting them to continue to commit to seabird smart fishing. As new mitigation information or ideas are developed we update the workshop information.

Project sponsors

Seabird Smart Fishing workshops operate under a shared funding model. Organisations that contribute financially are the Department of Conservation, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and the local fishing companies and associations where workshops are held.

The development of the training programme and resources were sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (now MPI), the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council (now Seafood NZ), the Department of Conservation and Sanford Ltd.