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On board mitigation to reduce risk of catching or harming seabirds is part of standard business practice for many New Zealand fishers and companies. Management controls and gear restrictions are in place for several of our fisheries and skippers work hard to make these effective on board their vessels. In addition to these controls, several NZ companies have committed to reducing seabird catch and send their skippers and crew to the Southern Seabird Solutions Seabird Smart Fishing Training course.  

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Examples of mitigation gear used to reduce captures of seabirds

Crew on long line vessels can attach heavy weights to the fishing lines, or use gear that has weights built into the fishing line, to sink baits below bird feeding ranges quickly.
On trawl vessels, Bafflers create a 'fence' around the stern of a vessel which reduces the likelihood of birds reaching the trawl net and getting caught. Crews also keep all the offal and fish scraps on board until fishing gear is out of the water.
Both long line and trawl vessels can construct and fly 'tori lines' which scare birds away from the area above the fishing line. Instructions for tori line construction for trawl vessels are in the resource section below.

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