Our management commitee

Barry Baker

Barry Baker has spent over 35 years studying seabirds and other vertebrates, and developed and implemented wildlife management plans to resolve wildlife/human interactions. These have included fisheries bycatch of non-target species, such as albatross, marine turtles, dugongs and seals. Barry is also involved internationally with roles with the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP) and the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS or Bonn Convention). Barry is the Trust's Mitigation Mentor and live in Tasmania.

Daryl Smith

Daryl Smith is Sealord Group's International Fleet and Operations Manager. He has had over 25 years working with both domestic and offshore vessel operations, most recently having returned to New Zealand after seven years managing the companies Argentine subsidiary Yuken SA, where they operate two factory trawl vessels. Yuken was one of the first fishing enterprises in Argentina to begin to work with Seabird Mitigation measures in the trawl fleet.

Dave Kellian

Dave Kellian has been a fisherman for more than 30 years. Dave skippers his own 20m vessel, longlining for southern bluefin, bigeye and yellowfin tuna. Over the years he's fished in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa using a wide range of fishing techniques. Dave's been at the forefront of initiatives for seabird-smart fishing and has committed significant amounts of personal time and money to develop new mitigation solutions. Dave received a NZ Green Ribbon Award for outstanding leadership in the field of conservation & the environment in 2004.

Doug Saunders-Loder

Doug Saunders-Loder is Resource Manager for Talley's Group Limited and the President of the New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen. Doug has been in the fishing industry for over 23 years and during that time has been a strong advocate for inshore fishermen.



Geordie Murman

Geordie Murman grew up in the fishing village of Leigh, spending school holidays working on snapper and cray boats. He spent ten years with the Wildlife Service, specialising in protected species and pest eradication on offshore islands and was involved in recovery of Chatham Island Taiko, Oystercatcher, Black Robin, and Chatham Pigeon. In 1992 Geordie started fishing - diving for paua and crayfishing, first at the Chatham Islands, then in the Hauraki Gulf. He currently runs fishing and birdwatching charters out of Leigh.

Janice Molloy

Janice Molloy, Convenor, has spent most of her career to date working in marine and terrestrial conservation for the Department of Conservation, with a focus on threatened species management. As part of her role she organised a workshop of stakeholders interested in working together to address and solve seabird by-catch, both in New Zealand and other southern hemisphere countries. From this meeting, Southern Seabird Solutions was born. Janice has since left the Department, but continues as Convenor of Southern Seabird Solutions. Janice is also a Board Director of Antarctica New Zealand.

Kris Ramm

Kris Ramm is a science advisor at the Department of Conservation. His work focuses on the interaction between protected species and commercial fisheries. He is actively involved in monitoring of fisheries and bycatch reduction through both the development of practical and effective mitigation, and via education and awareness. His background is in at-sea research on commercial fisheries both within the New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone and the Ross Sea.

Sonja Austin

Sonja is a fisheries analyst for the inshore fisheries team at MPI. Originally from the UK Sonja came to New Zealand in 2009 to undertake fieldwork for a PhD project studying the nutritional and sensory ecology of the Australasian Gannet at Cape Kidnappers. Since then Sonja has had a varied career in marine mammal research and waste management before starting with MPI in February 2016.



Peter Hardstaff

Peter is the Head of Campaigns for WWF-New Zealand.  In this role he leads the team creating change for WWF's top conservation priorities. Peter is an experienced environmental and development campaigner having worked both in the UK and New Zealand.




Richard Wells

Richard Wells is an Associate of Clement & Associates, Fisheries Advocates and Specialists and works with the Deepwater Group Ltd. Currently his main focus is on environmental effects of fishing issues, fisheries economics and management policy. Recent professional highlights include leading the development of the Benthic Protection Area concept and plan in partnership with Clement and Associates, and successfully delivering it to industry. Before becoming a consultant in 2005, Richard spent many years working for Sealord in a variety of roles, including Fishing Operations Manager and General Manager Processing.